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I have to deactive 600+suppliers in Reckon Accounts Hosted R2 2019.

Instead of clicking 'make supplier inactive' 600+times, I have exported the Supplier List in IIF format and editted the HIDDED column, changing the content from N to Y. However the file could not be successfully imported to Reckon Hosted.

Would someone know what's the reason? And is there an alternative way to do this?


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    what is the error message you get when importing back in?  there are some fields (usually the Taxable one) that can cause issues when importing back in?
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    H Chris,

    Try to give the software an indicator that something has changed other than just the inactive/hidden status.

    As a test, edit one of the suppliers in that list and make a change to the "NOTE" field.

    * Add a full stop character. 
    * Import the list into your data file.
    * Confirm if the Supplier has now been made inactive.


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