Reckon One supplier remittance: Feature Request & My solution if it helps anyone in the interim

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Feature request to include in Reckon One for supplier payments that can be emailed and if possible a bulk email out.
When first assessing/using Reckon One I looked everywhere for this feature and discovered that it is only available in your other products.
This is one thing that is really needed for my requirements that I really need to happen on a regular basis, i.e. Remittance advice for supplier payments to email out easily, batch email out would be even better.
I run a band and we hire in many musicians as sub contractors, there for we do a lot of supplier payments at one time on a recurring regular basis. Coming from another platform as well as seeing available on nearly all other popular platforms, they all provide a supplier Remittance and that is emailable.

The way I have to do it (Make a Remittance Advice) with reckon is tedious, using payments list with reports,
(in case this is useful to someone else)
In relation to an entity that has many billed suppliers that re-occur such as sub contractors as this effects my type of business.
1. First and foremost IMPORTANT is each supplier via a Bill has to be paid one payment at a time (never a multiple payment as this method also keeps the ABA file manageable too) and enter their invoice number and original invoice date on the payment reference/details area. This is the info that will show up later to differentiate each item.
NOTE ABA(electronic supplier payment): You can only use 18 Characters for the reference field (original individual invoice supplier payment) if you want the end supplier payment to show up on their bank statement (this is confirmed on test with CBA), can't speak for every bank.
Payments List Report:
2. I have to search through every supplier name to locate the one person,
3. then download each persons as a pdf (filename is generic, would be great if it included say the supplier name, report type and date of payment used),
4. create an email, (You could use an email template to speed this up a little.)
5. attach the report
6. and use the correct email address for each one every time. 

This all adds up especially if there are a few to do.

Payments List doesn't have the option to show:
1. the original Bill Reference details that you can use to include their (supplier) Invoice number or relevant detail summation info
2. nor the original Bill Date to refer to (For me I use this as the performance date of a gig)

You have to handle these by entering that info in the original payment Ref / Detail or Notes, which is unnecessary double entering to make it usable as a Remittance function. SUGGESTION: Maybe you could make this auto populate same reference field as a starting point in the payment area.

3. classification option, this would help filter out the relevant supplier list to the ones I need to see efficiently.

Semi Conclusion: 
If you had these as options for Payment List report and the ability to email this report as a pdf option, with a customisable email message similar to Supplier, this could be a quick first stage option to full integration of Remittance Advice for Supplier. 

Are there any plans to implement this feature, or is it already in the works? 
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