'Transfer Cancelled' Why does this occur

Tony Sorensen
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I run an SMSF account with Reckon’s software and I quite often execute share trades. I did so two days ago, but when I subsequently tried to add to, and delete shares from, my SMSF account I received the following error message: ‘transfer cancelled’. So, I gather that I can no longer add or delete share-holdings from the Reckon file dealing with the SMSF. However, and this is very strange, I can add and delete shares other share-trading accounts. So why is there a problem with the SMSF file? Could it be that the file, which has been running for well over a decade has now exceeded a maximum size? This, however, seems unlikely as I can update share prices daily. 


  • David M
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    Hi Tony

    First let me say I have not yet found anyone who has reached the maximum file size. While I have only been running my account since 1994 [25 years], others have files much larger than mine.
    Second, is it just use of words, or are you not not entering transactions as "buy" or "sell" parcels of shares in your SMSF. That may be your challenge.
    Which version of Reckon Software are you using and have you recently changed either your operating system or the version of Reckon Software? Change can cause challenges.
    Hope one of those helps


  • Robyn Kelly (Partner)
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    Hi Tony
    Hopefully this will help: https://kb.reckon.com.au/issue_view.asp?ID=4795