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Staff user cannot login to the Reckon App to enter timesheets

serginhoserginho Member Posts: 9
edited April 2020 in Reckon One
I have created a Reckon one Book and created a number of employees.
I have subsequently created a Staff at the portal level, assigned this user the "employee" role to view and enter timesheets.
I have then placed the same user/email address in the employee record in the username field.

The user has created a Reckon free account and so on.

However, when the user tries to logon to the iphone app, the user gets this message
"The username or password you entered is invalid" and cannot continue further.

The user has also logged on to the site with the same username and password and can logon, but when clicking on the "Shared with me" subscription link, she gets
"No subscriptions shared with you" even though we have added this user as an employee.

We have tried with normal email addresses and google sign in.

Cannot continue further, we want our employees to be able to enter and submit their timesheets for billing.

any ideas how to get around this?


  • serginhoserginho Member Posts: 9
    edited April 2020
    I discovered today that you also need to tick the "Users" box in the following location.
    Reckon Portal > Account > Staff > Portal Role Permissions
    then tick "Users" as well.
    It is admins by default.

    I have resolved this for now.
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