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Hi, having trouble with STP and Gross Wages Report.  The Gross Pay reported in payroll summary is different (lower) each pay period than the amount reported by STP.  The difference reported is exactly the weekly super contribution for one of the employees.  I haven't lodged the STP since this has started because I don't want to lodge potentially incorrect figures.  Any assistance or comments would be appreciated.


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    Hi Johan.  If this is the SGC contribution that you are talking, check your settings for this payroll  item.  It sounds like you might have the Tax Tracking Type set to Gross Payments instead of None.  ?And if you find that to be the case, you are also likely to find that the employee has been paying tax on that amount as well.
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    Hi John.  Thanks I'll give that a go.  Another comment I forgot to make - some pay runs the payroll summary Gross Wage will actually be the same as that reported by STP.  Most of the time however it is lower by the amount of Super paid.  This employee is on exactly the same hours each week too.  Weird.
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    Hi John, yes I had Tax Tracking set to Gross as opposed to None.  Seems to have fixed the issue.  Many thanks.
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    Hi All,

    I have had the same issue as above with the same result, however I have processed STP and would like to correct. Should I run a pay update or file replacement for the period concerned? Also, can I run it just for the one employee involved or should I rerun including all staff (9).

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    @Sue Laksassi Technically, you should run a "Full File Replacement" (for all employees) however, in reality - because STP reports YTD each submission - once corrected, the next STP lodgement you do will automatically update all the YTD figures anyway 😁

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    Great, Thanks. Very helpful.

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