Matching payroll to bank transaction

Anil Anand
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I am hoping someone has encounter the same issue and is able to assist me... 

I did a payroll transaction of $2003.60 but the bank transaction was for $2003.50 so there is a 10c difference. Obviously the bank transaction does not match the reckon transaction. 

So i tried to undo the payroll so i can reduce it by 10c but when i try to reverse the journal entries, i get an error  'There are reconciled payments linked to this pay run. The pay run cannot be undone unless you undo the reconciliation.' but bank transaction is unmatched and reckon one transaction is uncleared..

Anyone with any thoughts what the issue is or how i can resolve this?

Thanks in advance


  • Felicity Bleckly_10462754
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    For such a small error I would just do a small balance error correction journal so you can reconcile your bank account.
  • Anil Anand
    Anil Anand Member Posts: 8
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    Thank you so much guys.... I used the clearing account idea...