Personal Plus 2000 runs but won't display

Mark Swan
Mark Swan Member Posts: 2

Reckon Personal Plus 2000 won't display on my laptop screen.  

Only the program icon is visible in the system tray.  

Running on Windows 10 version 2004 (downloaded an update today).

The program appears to start and run as normal (e.g., it is showing as active in the task monitor, and it prompted for a scheduled backup when I closed it), but the main display is not shown.  

On one occasion when shutting it down (right-clicking and closing the system tray icon), it displayed error code 6925.

The portfolio screen had been flickering badly the last time I had it open to manually update prices, and then the problem started.

I've deleted and reinstalled the program twice, lest there was some bug in the installed version, but there’s been no change.

Any current issues folk are aware of?


  • Brad Read
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    Hi Mark.  This may be related to Windows 10 rather than Reckon.  I have recently upgraded to W10 (from W7) and find that, sometimes, if the computer goes to sleep on the timer, what you have described happens to any programs that were open and in the Task Bar when it went to sleep.

    So far, I have not found a fix for this and the only option I have is to to a warm boot (restart) which is very annoying.  If I tell the computer to sleep, I do not have that problem on wake, only if it goes to sleep by itself.

    Sorry I can't be of more help.  Brad
  • Mark Swan
    Mark Swan Member Posts: 2
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    Reckon Personal Plus 2020 would not run on the updated Windows 10.  Need to run it as if it were on Windows 8.

    This required:

    - right-click on the Reckon icon in the system tray

    - right-click on "Reckon Accounts 2020" to bring up a sub-menu

    - select "Properties" then "Compatibility"

    - select to run in compatibility mode for Windows 8

  • Graham_10803610
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    Hi Mark, which sub-version of W10 do you use? Mine is Windows 10 Pro - 1909 and I have not seen this issue. I'm concerned that if you are using a later version then I might encounter the issue.
    Good to see there is a work around if needed.

    Edit: Ooops, just read the OP and it states he has W10 2004.
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