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about 3 mths ago something happened between Telstra and bigpond.  I have bigpond, outlook, Telstra.  For some reason not all our customers are receiving their invoices even though it says they have been sent in our sent box.  I have spoken to bigpond and Telstra and they said that quickbooks need to tell us what we need to do to fix this up.  This is now very urgent


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    It sounds like Telstra/Bigpond have sent you on a wild goose chase here. If something changed with them, they should be ones looking into it and fixing it.

    I had a similar problem a year ago (unrelated to Reckon) and they tried to fob me off as well. You have to stick with it until you get to someone who actually knows what they're talking about

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    @morghan It may also be that QB Plus 2010-11 in-product email feature is no longer compatible since Telstra's Bigpond upgrade as the software was released 10 years ago ? 😬

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    Hi @morghan if the invoices (PDF) documents being sent via the QuickBooks 2010 software is not reaching some of your clients, but are reaching others consider trying:

    a) Try to find a commonality between those who are not receiving the email.

    b) Test sending an email manually using your desktop email client (such as Outlook) to your client, that includes a copy of the PDF invoice generated from the QuickBooks software. (This would mean sending that invoice via QuickBooks as well as manually sending the same document to see whether both are not received, or the one you sent manually is received)

    c) Add your own email address in the CC field of the invoices sent to your clients. That way they get sent a copy and you get sent a copy. If you are able to receive the email but the client does not then it may indicate that their email client software may be blocking your email or their email provider may be blocking it


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