Leave Liability Report - is it accurate to rely pay out to a leaving employee?

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Sorry guys for asking about Leave matters and thank so much to all who made effort sharing their experience and knowledge to us.

We are a NFP organisation with two paid employees which are both approaching their 7th year employment mark with us. One is leaving just as she reach the 7th year, on our Liability Leave report it's still showing 25 hours unused annual leave. The other employee who keeps track of their leaves saying the she have used all her leaves (taking 4 weeks leave each year). Does any of you paid out any employees based on this leave liability report, just making sure this is what we should do.

I have recently set up LSL also and it shows tiny amount/time - is this going to kick off once the 7th year mark reached?

Once again, thank you for any answer regarding this.



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    I always confirm the figures Reckon calculates by doing a manual calculation if I have any reason to question the hours

    number of hours to be accrued each year (which is usually 4 times their weekly hours) times the no of years minus leave taken. Hopefully this will agree with the leave liability report

    long service leave is usually not officially due until after 10 years

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    Thanks so much Kris, is there any way we can find on RAH all the leave taken since started using the software? I have taken over the bookkeeping job since Feb this year and this question have been asked to me by other board member and I wasnt sure if this info is available to users.


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    Yes, if you go to the pay items and do a report on annual leave, all dates, takes a little tweaking, let me know if you need any more help and I’ll open a file and be more specific

    i have actually done this exercise on an excel spreadsheet to help with calculations, again happy to help if you need it

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    Yes please, I need specific instruction - where do I go to find 'pay items'? Is it under Employee Centre? Sorry and thank you

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    @Rachel If you open the Leave Accrual Summary report, you can double click on the applicable Leave for the applicable employee & it will list each pay & the leave movements 😁

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    What Shaz suggested is probably the best way, I actually was unable to find that report the last time I needed it, getting old? Using that report just change the date to all, and the Hours used column will tell you what you need

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    Thank you soooo much @Acctd4 and @Kris_Williams , that solved all our worries, you're both legend. I found what I was looking for.



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