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Can you install two editions of Reckon on a desktop computer at the same time? I need access to Premier and Enterprise for different clients. I believe I can't have both open at the same time but how do I install both of them? When I installed Enterprise I had to remove the current software before it would download. Now I have Enterprise but no longer have access to Premier. I have just moved over to a Partner membership so that I would have access to both editions of software. Hope you can help!




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    Yes I have multiple versions on my computer going back to V8, and as they are all different programs you can have them open at the same time

  • NancyGriffithsNancyGriffiths Member Posts: 2

    Thank Kris, but I actually need to install the latest version of Premier and Enterprise at the same time. Two different editions not versions.

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    Dont think that going to work

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    Hi Nancy,

    You can successfully install a Reckon Accounts Premier and a Reckon Accounts Enterprise desktop software on the same computer.

    You stated: "When I installed Enterprise I had to remove the current software before it would download."

    Please clarify whether you mean 'install' instead of 'download'.

    Can you clarify what the specific message that is displayed when you attempt to install the other product?

    Since you have the Enterprise product now currently installed, try to install the Premier software and keep notes or screenshots of the process so that you can let us know what that message is you are seeing which leads you to remove the existing product.


    Reckon Data Recovery Team

    You can request assistance via the case request web form below.

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