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Leave Accruals on Payslips and Reports aren't adding up correctly.

RebeccaRebecca Member Posts: 43
edited February 17 in Accounts Business Range

Hi Everyone,

I use Reckon Account Premier: Contractor.

We have an employee resigning and the hours of leave in his file verses what the reports are showing are different. Also the payslips are show the wrong amount too.

Would this problem be in our original set up? Please help with any suggestions. TIA

It's happened to most of our employees but not all so I have no idea where to try to figure this out. There's no pattern to the answers.

Thanks so much



  • Kris_WilliamsKris_Williams Member Posts: 1,296 ✭✭✭
    edited February 17

    Just a stab in the dark - the dates on leave details tabs say as at 2/3/21, but the report is at today’s date. There is still a big difference however I had to ask

    do the payslips agree with the file details tabs?

  • RebeccaRebecca Member Posts: 43

    Oh the reason for that is that I've done 3 weeks pay for him today till the end of his notice period.

    Although he resigned Friday 12th February, he was also walked out that day but were paying him till Friday 26 February 2021

    Week ending 16/2/2021

    Week Ending 23/2/2021

    Week Ending 2/3/2021

    All Payments we today 17th February 2021

    I hope that makes sense

  • RebeccaRebecca Member Posts: 43

    Oh and another thing. My Manager keeps a manual spreadsheet in Excel and they don't match at all.

    Some employees do but it's all over the place and I'm wondering if there's something behind the scenes I can't see that may be making the wrong

  • Acctd4Acctd4 Accredited Partner Posts: 936 ✭✭✭

    @Rebecca I would strongly recommend setting leave accrual to “Per Hour” rather than “Per Pay”. A fixed accrual per pay doesn’t allow for when hours vary which is where a lot of people run into this issue of discovering the accrual hasn’t been consistently correct.

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