Can't use Reckon Accounts

I have been using Reckon Accounts for a long time. I am using the Home & Business version. Today I have tried numerous times to open the program, but without any success. Each time I have tried, the program seems to be opening and the screen appears with the Reckon identifying box in the middle of the screen then instantly disappears, and in the top left side of the screen displays 'Reckon Accounts Home & Business 2020 (Not Responding). I then receive a Windows message that gives the option of either trying again, or close down the program. I have shut down and re-booted the computer, but without any success. I am at a loss know what to do. I have been using this system and its predecessors since 1996 and have never had any problem like this. Can anybody please give me some idea as to what to do to access the program?