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Deleting a Single Touch Payroll entry

KellyKelly Member Posts: 32

I run a few different company files in my Reckon Accounts hosted and have realised that I have enter and lodged a Single Touch Payroll entry into the wrong company file.  Is there anyway that I can simply delete the incorrect entry, or do I need to amend paycheques to say 1.00 for each of the employees and relodge the single touch payroll as an updated event?   I don't really want to have to amend the pay cheques, I just want to delete them in full.  Can anyone help with this please??? 


  • Jay Jay LiJay Jay Li Reckon Staff Posts: 30

    Hi Kelly. you can generate an STP file and mark the file as an update event and submit this file to update details, or of you have new payruns you can simply submit a new payrun as it contains the right YTD and will update the value in STP.

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