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Trying to update an employes details and get this error


  • Jay Jay Li
    Jay Jay Li Reckon Alumni Posts: 36

    Hi Jo-anne,

    You can try to verify and rebuild your data file and see if this might fix the issue. If the problem still happens

    Try to update another employee record or make a new dummy employee record to see if the same problem repeat.

    if this issue is only one specific employee record you may have to set this employee record inactive. make a replacement record and issue the new record with the same old employee number for STP reasons.


    Jay Jay

  • Datarec_ReckonLtd
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    Hi Jo-anne,

    You need to provide a specific outline of what steps you are performing to "update employees details" so that we can attempt to reproduce your actions on our test file.

    Check all employee records and confirm that they each have a unique Employee Number.