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A file has been shared with me as I have taken over the payroll. The Software ID is registered with the ATO. When I log into my Reckon GovConnect the file is not showing up in "shared with me".

I did create a new file with a different branch number and new software ID which i registered with the ATO. But this file is saying success when I upload the pay run but blank at the bottom and unable to submit as it is blank.

I need the original file and software ID showing in my "shared with me" so I have access to previous pays uploaded and then I can add new ones I've processed to then do a FY balance.


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    All sorted.

    For those who want to share a file with another person - when you share the folder by clicking on the 3 dots to the right of the name - use the new persons Username and not email address. This will work. Also make sure Software ID is linked in your MYGOV ID login.