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Hi We have an admin employee who will be assisting us with entering credit card transactions. However we do not want them to have access to things such as payroll. Is their a role that I can give this employee that gives them access to entering credit card transactions only as all options I have tried payroll becomes visible

Thanks in advance.


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    Set them up a user and tick the areas you want them to access. They will have their own username and password. Go to company setup user

  • RebeccaOharaRebeccaOhara Member Posts: 3

    Thanks Kris I have done this but when I give them access to Banking which allows the credit card access they can view Payroll which I do not want them to see.

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    @RebeccaOhara You can customise the permissions further under the Role List tab by assigning/editing a Role.

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    Thanks so much Shaz all sorted

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