I can't allocate deposit payments to a category


Hi all,

I'm totally new to Reckon, but it's the accounting system the organisation I just joined uses.

After creating an invoice and then making the deposit in Reckon, the transaction shows up as "Undeposited Funds" in the cash register. When I try to amend the "from account" to reflect the correct category, it says "You cannot edit payment information in a deposit transaction. 1) Delete the payment from the deposit. 2) Go to the original payment transaction to edit. 3) Redeposit the payment."

Where do I do this? I've tried to amend the original invoice, but the sub-categories aren't listed there to choose from.

I appreciate any assistance anyone could give, please!!!

Thanks, Ange


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    when you get paid for an invoice you go to Receive Payments, select the customer, enter the date and amount and where it says Deposit to…. Change it to the bank account you wish to deposit to instead of Undeposited funds. If you want to edit any of this transaction you need to delete the deposit before you can edit it. What exactly are you trying to do?

    what subcategories are you referring to?

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    @pngda If the “Deposit to” field in your Receive Payments screen is defaulting to Undeposited Funds, you can change this to another (eg bank) account in your Preferences (Under the Edit dropdown menu)

    Undeposited Funds represents Cash & Cheques to be banked eg your physical bank “Deposit Book”. This allows for when Cash/Chq payments are received on one date but not deposited into your bank account until a later date, which was the norm years ago. However most entities use EFT these days, so payment is received & deposited in your account together on the same date ☺️

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