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Hi, I currently have the RDO's and Saturday RDO's set up under the 'Other Leave Names 1 & 2' in Payroll Company Preferences. I then have these same names in the Payroll Item list as 'hourly wage' type and for tax tracking as Leave - other paid leave (O).

This is fine for when the employees actually take the RDO leave and the hours are deducted from the leave available.

When they wish to cash out this leave I know I have to set up a separate item with the tax tracking as Leave - cash out leave (C), however how do I get this to deduct from their available leave??

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    Hi @Lynne_8946547

    Is there a reason why you've got 2 separate trackings for RDOs ("RDOs" & "Saturday RDOs") ?

    When you create the new Payroll Item - again as an Hourly Wage-type - you'll also have this option which is where the "link" occurs:

    NOTE: The 2 last options on yours will be whatever your Other 1 & Other 2 are so - in your case - these will be "RDO" & "Saturday RDO". This is where you will link it to the applicable one. If you allow for cashing out of both, you'll need to create 2, one linked to each 😬

    IMPORTANT: This linking screen is ONLY displayed at initial setup, you can't access it again once you've created a particular Payroll Item so you need to make sure the link is correct at that time!

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    Thanks Shaz. It's been a while since I've set up an item and forgot you directed them at the initial set up.

    The Saturday RDO is a construction industry item, separate from the normal RDO's accrued throughout the normal working week.