Unable to restore a backup file in windows 11

I have bought a new laptop running windows 11. I have installed Quicken Personal Plus 2022 and tried to restore a backup file called QDATA1_20231116.rkn. I ran through the following steps. 1. Selected "I am already a Recken Accounts user" click Next. 2. Selected "Restore a data file I,ve backed up to CD or Disk" click Next. 3. Selected the above file. 4. A disk drive and path was displayed "C:\Users\bobom\OneDrive\DOCUME~1\Quicke\". Click OK. Received a message "The disk is not ready". Clicked OK a few times and another message appeared "File not restored". Quicken is running OK on windows 7. Can you please help. Thank you.


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    You should not run a Reckon data from One Drive, call me and i will sort you out.


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  • Bobo
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    Hi Gerry, After sending the discussion I thought I check my old laptop of the path and worked it out myself. It restored the backup file with success. Thank you for your prompt reply. Cheers Robert