Reckon Premier 2014 - How to handle Suppliers in National Buying group

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We are a member of a national buying group; we order stock from suppliers but all invoices are billed to the buying group, we then receive one bill from our buying group each month. Is anyone else in the same situation, and if so, how do you handle the purchase orders/bills.  If the set up under Customers (Customers:Jobs) were available then it would be handled easily.


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    I have one client that is in a buying group. Each supplier is setup seperatly, for ordering, billing etc.

    We then setup a supplier type  for the buying group and allocated to each of the suppliers in the buying group.

    We have a transaction detailed report filtered for the supplier type looking at  accounts payable date range for the month. They then use this report to confirm the bills entered into Reckon Accounts match the bills on the buying group statement.

    They then pay each bill from each supplier that has been confirmed from the review.


    You can then run any other supplier report and filter for the supplier type, just to look at transactiosn for the buying group.

    You could setup a seperate Accounts Payable for the buying group. Then transactions are all kept together, but need to ensure that when the bills are entered that you remeber to select the correct A/P account for the billing group suppliers vs normal suppliers.  But this would not necessarily help in other reports to filter for the buying group.

    Hope that helps

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    Hi Carrie

    Just to follow on from Adrian's comments, I use a separate Accounts Payable account for the buying group.  This is sometimes necessary for buying groups like IGA Distribution and Capricorn where companies often buy through the buying group and directly from the supplier outside the buying group.  Horses for courses....

    • create a new Account type Accounts Payable called "Buying Group A/P" (or similar)
    • Set up a dummy bank account called "Buying Group Clearing Account"
    Managing Bills
    • Open a bill.  You will now see a dropdown where you can choose between the two accounts payable accounts - Accounts Payable or Buying Group A/P.  You can also change the account colour (like yellow below) via edit > change account colour when you have the "enter bills" screen opened.


    • The Pay Bills Screen similarly can be filtered 

    • You will also need to create and memorise Unpaid Bills Reports filtered for the relevant account.
    Paying Bills
    • The Pay Bills screen will now also display a dropdown for the relevant A/P Account


    • Select the bills you wish to pay, but change the Payment Account to the Buying Group Clearing Account

    • You will then need to Write a Cheque from your Bank Account and allocate the payment to the clearing account - note tax code is blank.


      If the cheque type is Bank (Online), then the payment can be included with other payments in an ABA file

    Check that the clearing account has cleared.  Very Important!
    • image
    This is a little more complicated process, but it may suit your situation.  As I said, horses for courses.

    Good luck!

    Graham Boast
    Reckon Accredited Consultant
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    Hi  Guys,  many thanks for the detailed replies,  I am currently mulling them over.  We also have an additional problem whereby we receive a 3% discount each month - we have not in the past recorded this against the individual suppliers and their products, just as a figure on the statement from the buying group.  What would you suggest to be the best way to record the discount?
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    Hi Carrie

    Recording a Journal Entry is probably the easiest way. 

    Naturally, the amount of the cheque you pay to the buying group would be 3% less - in this example $470.45.  Be careful of dates too.  The Bill-Payments  and the Journal should be dated the same date as the payment to the buying group.

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