Units of measure and inventory

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In setting up units of measure and inventoryI came across the problem of how to enter what I need. 
I purchase panels of the following size 2100 x 600 and cut them down to various sizes eg. 300, 400, and 450. The other thing is when I cut the full panel the quantity of the various sizes change so in other words I cut a panel and I require 2 units of 300mm  plus the other size units. On the next panel I will not cut any 300mm units and have different quantities of the other sizes.  The problems are, the help screen states that the unit of measure to use is the smallest that you will be using. Then all the examples show that the smallest UOM is used when purchasing and the larger amount when selling. It also states not to use units less than one as it may cause inaccuracies with inventory.
When I purchase. It is by each and when I sell it is also by each.  Is there any way that this can be made to work.  


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    Each is just a label. You can call it anything you want. Just create a new unit.
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     this  type of  features are not available in SME packages, I suppose you get what  you pay for,
    But i know In U S Intuits , one of the certified developers have created a  relational screen its a calcualting invoice screen ability to do what you like to do. Of course , otherwise big systems like Netsuite, Prontos , SAP has these features. ,If you need further info call me on email as below.
    It will work in Aus version when i was going through some time ago.
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    Thanks for your replies. Due to the various cutout templates I have for a sheet Ive decided for now to enter the items as non inventory. Again, thanks


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