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I have a client who is running RA Premier 14 and POS. One of their suppliers has increased their prices by 3%, I increased the prices in RA and set it to round to the nearest 5c. Unfortunately it did this to the GST exclusive amount so now $28.55 (ex GST) is showing as $31.405(inc GST). When they went to print new price labels in POS Admin the prices are showing 3 decimal places i.e. $31.405.

Does anyone know of a way or is there a option to show prices to 2 decimal places within POS? I haven't tried turning off the 'Qty' decimal place option in POS as they sell timber and often require 3 decimal places for it.




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    Did you do a export/import ?

    No, I used the 'Change Price' option within RA

    Are the prices showing the correct rounding?

    Hmmm, not sure on this I'll have to have a look.

    Are there any decimal place settings ?

    No, not that I could find.

    Lastly have you checked the item out in RA?

    Not applicable as it was all done within RA

    Andrew M

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