I am getting a new Toshiba Chrome laptop and would like to know how I can transfer Reckon Personal

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    Hi Dale, thanks for your post and welcome to the Reckon Community.

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful and prosperous New Year.

    Please be advised that Technical support is not available for Accounts Personal range product during the period from 25 December 2014 to 5 January 2015 due to festive season.

    Please follow the link mentioned below for Holiday Operating Hours.


    Inconvenience caused is deeply regretted.

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    Thanks for your post Dale. The Chromebook is not a traditional PC and thus can't make any guarantees if RAP would work on the Chromebook, as a. it runs Chrome OS (not Windows which is the only supported OS)  and b. all software is generally installed 'in the cloud' and not on the device.
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    Dale you need Windoze XP at a minimum  to run Reckon products unless you are using Reckon Hosted and you only need a browser. Happy NY.
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