POS transfer error: unprocessed transactions at End Of Day

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After transferring the product list and performing End of day on the POS terminal, when trying to POST on the POS administrator computer we get the following error:


I cant seem to figure out what this "unprocessed transaction" is? We have done end of day successfully and transferred the product list, so I'm not sure what is wrong.

When we then try and post it works but un-ticks the transfer customer balances option.

The reckon user manual does not provide an answer.

Please, help!




  • Kevin SilberbergKevin Silberberg Member Posts: 85
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    I have received this error message before. The cause seemed to relate to one or more unprocessed end-of-day files. Each and every end-of-day file must be uploaded to Reckon Accounts. This is the function, "Post Transactions to Accounts" as specified in the last paragraph of the error message.
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    Hi Kevin, thanks for getting back to us so promptly.

    Do you know where I might find this unprocessed end of day file?

    We post our end of day files on a daily basis. When we are posting there is only 1 end of day transaction file ever found. And that is the one we post.

    We only have one terminal with POS on it, and one other computer with the POS admin on it.



  • ZappyZappy Accredited Partner Posts: 4,460 ✭✭✭
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    Are you sure you don't have transactions on hold? 
  • Kimberly AgarsKimberly Agars Member Posts: 5
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    Hi Kevin,

    Do you mean a sales transaction on hold in POS? I was under the understanding that sales transactions could only be held for one day, and it wont let you do end of day if there is something on hold.

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    Indeed Kim that's correct. So you aren't trying to do an intra day transfer then? 
  • Kimberly AgarsKimberly Agars Member Posts: 5
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    Hi Kevin,

    Not sure what a intra day transfer is so not sure if were doing it or not.

    We have transferred from administrator to pos to try and get customer balances etc across during the day before but other than that we only transfer for end of day.

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    Hi Andrew, thanks for the advice.

    We only did the transfer in the middle of the day once, only because of the initial problem - when posting the error comes up and POS doesn't transfer the quantities or more importantly, the customer balances.

    We really need to find out what this "unprocessed transaction" is on POS and stop this error occurring when we post.  We have so many customers coming in to pay off lay-bys and we have to go onto reckon to check the amount because the customer account balances on POS are not correct.

    I'm hoping someone has seen the above error message before and might know how to fix this?


  • Graham BoastGraham Boast Accredited Partner Posts: 319 ✭✭
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    Hi Kimberly

    Here are some things that you can check.
    • ensure that you do a Z Report  - "Reset the Sales Information (Z Report)" after the print reports screen in the end-of-day process.
    • Once you have hit the "Finish" button on the end of day, immediately "File > Exit" to shut down POS then post and transfer.  A common mistake is to do an end of day, then do a "No Sale" to open the cash drawer. 
    If this does not cure the problem, go into POS Administrator and press the Delete Button on the icon bar.


    This brings up the Delete a Terminal screen.  Even though this is a one till setup, at some stage a second till has been created.
    If you have this situation, the name of your current till will be printing on all dockets.  Do a backup from POS administrator, then select the inactive till and delete it..

    Hopefully this should cure your problem.  Please post your results.

    Graham Boast
    Reckon Accredited Consultant
    [email protected]

  • Ashley CooperAshley Cooper Member Posts: 11
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    This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled When I perform a transfer at EOD, I get 'can't transfer quantities on-hand for e.... When I perform a transfer at EOD on the POS terminal 1, I get a message 'cannot transfer quantities on-hand for existing products' then a message that errors were encountered later on in the process. It still seems to transfer the information but I am concerned that prices etc. may not be transferring properly. It doesn't happen on terminal 2 or on the backup laptop. Any ideas how to fix this? I have looked for incomplete transactions, there is nothing held otherwise I wouldn't be able to do the EOD.

    When I close the til at EOD, the process I follow is:
    EOD on POS > Restore company on POS Admin > Post on POS Admin> Transfer on POS Admin

    Am I doing this right? TIA
  • MirkoMirko Alumni Posts: 2,054 ✭✭
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    Hey Ashley, give these suggestions a try and let me know how you go! ^Mirko

  • Ashley CooperAshley Cooper Member Posts: 11
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    Thanks Mirko and Andrew,

    The steps above haven't resolved the issue. Andrew, I have been doing this as it was the way I was told to do the EOD but it's my first experience with Reckon and so I'm not sure what the correct way would be? The lady who showed me what to do has left the company, and I think she did the EOD through trial and error. We have price changes daily so backup the POS tills from a file of a main computer at the end of each day.

    Is there a different way I should be doing it?
  • Ashley CooperAshley Cooper Member Posts: 11
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    Hi Andrew,

    We use Quickpos 2013 (16.0.8). I wasn't clear in my explanation of the process I follow at the EOD, sorry, but am doing what you have said which makes me feel better!

    I still get the error message though that the terminal has unprocessed transactions then goes on to say that there were errors during the transfer. I am unable to print out the report. Any further ideas?

    Thanks for your help with this

  • Graham BoastGraham Boast Accredited Partner Posts: 319 ✭✭
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    Hi Ashley

    Andrew's process for the end of day is correct, and if you are doing that and still have an error message, then I suspect that your end of day file is aborting on processing.

    To find out for sure, open the QBImport.log file located in the C:\Users\Public\Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks\ImportErrors folder and scroll down to the last lines of the file.  Here is a successful transfer I have done but I suspect your log will point to an error .


    If the file is aborting during processing, then it needs to be fixed.  Steps are:
    • move the transaction file (QBPst - xxxxxx - 001.pos) to another location (the location of the import file is shown on the 2nd line of the log
    • open the file in excel to examine it (DONT save when closing) - you can print it out and just enter the transactions into Reckon.  The transactions take a little understanding to read but they are readable.  Each transaction starts with a TRNS line and finished with an ENDTRNS
    • If there are too many transactions to manually rekey, you will need to send me the file for fixing.  If it is a simple error, and they usually are, I will charge you $80 to fix it and reimport. 
    • Often, files that abort will partially process, and you may have multiple occurrences of the same transaction in your Reckon file (one for each attempt to post).  The duplicates will need to be removed from the file.  (As an aside, my favourite story about this is a client who posted 99 transactions 22 times - yes 2079 duplicate transactions to delete.  He ended up restoring an old backup then paying his bookkeeper for another 2 days to reprocess the end of quarter stuff she had already done.)
    Let me know how you go

    Graham Boast 0409317366
    Reckon Accredited Consultant
    [email protected]

  • LeanneLeanne Member Posts: 5
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    Hi Graeme, I have a situation whereby the EOD report is SOMETIMES not printing. I have located where all these data files are going to and can restore them, however am unsure how I go about getting them to reprint - is there a method that is used?
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