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i have reinstalled quickbooks on my computer and have windows 7 and outlook 2013 and i cannot send out email orders/invoices. i have had our computer guys look into it and they can't find the problem.

you able to assist with this ASAP?



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    Hi Brenton,

    A quick fix would be to open Reckon Accounts software via "Run as administrator" when you right click on it. (you can go to the properties to permanently have this option enabled)

    If this does not work you can also try this guide:

    Kind regards,
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    Hi Andrew,

    I am jumping the gun but hopefully Brenton will reply with an error message for us to accurately diagnose the issue.

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    I have the exact same issue windows 7 and outlook 2013 I will try your solution above an hope it works

    problem quickbooks could not save as a PDF File

    prints ok but this is what reports when I click email button

    was working fine last week

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    fixed ..... check your email default is outlook.  delete your pdf converter in your printers check one note is on the L port 1 2 or 3 or spare one

    restart computer fixed.......yay

     I also found after restarting computer and opening quickbooks as long as your outlook is open and minimised whilst you press email on your quickbooks the switch to window dosent come up anymore it converts straight to email with outlook....that's even better news
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    after selecting email the following errors come up;

    error code -30
    Intuit printer library - could not print to printer
    Quickbooks Internal Error message- (MAPI error code 80004005 (16389) at line 1102 in sendemail.cpp)
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    The error -30  matter is well explained on numerous search articles on this forum, such as this one:

    Also  the MAPI error is common.    Be sure that you've got Outlook as your default,  outlooklk running, and RECKON using Outlook as the default,  and take note of the steps in the article mentioned.

    There are four elements involved in all this
    1.  the operating systems defautls and rules
    2.  the Reckon program trying to live in that environment
    3.  the intermediary PDF creation program called upon by Rekcon (be sure you have only one of relevance)
    4.  the email program that is going to send the PDF file in the end.

    All four need to be in sync with one another.

    When uninstalling/reinstalling and mixing/matching any of the above FOUR elements of independent software,  then there is need to ensure each is set right.

    Your original comments didn't fully outline the status of these four elements in your case,  so I've only shared some general information to get you aware of the issues at sake here.

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    Hi Brenton,

    For the MAPI error code you can try this fix:

    You will need to modify the QBW.INI file located at C:\Users\Public\Documents\Intuit\QBW.ini
    and add the following lines at the bottom of the  file. 

    To open it, right click, select Open With and choose Notepad:  Scroll to the bottom of the file and add:


    Close & Save the file then restart QuickBooks and try again.  

    Kind regards,
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