Applying GST to credit card transactions, not showing up in Tax Liability Report

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I am a beginner with Reckon Easy Start. In my credit card transaction I have made a split transaction to show GST as "Tax Payable", as this is the only option in the Chart of Accounts that i can see. The tax paid on an expense is not showing up in the tax liability report


  • Shakir
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    Hi Sherrill, thanks for your post and welcome to Reckon Community.

    Credit Card/Bank Register does not give an option to select the Tax Code and selecting the Tax Payable account in the register would not affect the Tax Liability Report.

    Please follow the steps mentioned below to enter the Credit Card transactions.

    Record Expenses – Click on Credit

    Then click on Edit and then New Credit Card Charge.

    Enclosed screen would give you an option to select the Expense account and the Tax Code.


    Hope it Helps