Share dividend and imputation credit reporting Incorrectly (Missing in the reports)

David ThompsonDavid Thompson Member Posts: 6
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Finding the Share dividend and imputation credit reporting is not always correct to the entrys made. Anybody else experiencing this. Any suggestions?  I need to be able to trust my reports! Using Personal and Business 2016.

For example, I have entered a dividend and imputation credit for a share, in the report, it shows 0 but in the transfers it does show the imputation credit correctly as a transfer.


  • David ThompsonDavid Thompson Member Posts: 6
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    Hi Leif,
    Yes already checked all that. They are correctly recorded in the register.  Just one share not reporting correctly.  Reporting the franked dividend incorrectly high, the imputation low, and the total correct, but they are entered correctly (not as reported).

  • Kel LukeKel Luke Member Posts: 38
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    Hi David,

    I am using Reckon Personal Accounts 2016 and while I could record dividends and franking credits in earlier versions of the program, now I can't even find an option to record franking credits in the register. Also I note that in the share overview or transactions page, dividends are not shown. I share your frustration.  

    If Reckon monitors these pages - how about sorting out the litany of issues that appear to crop up on a regular basis?    


    Kel Luke

  • Alex TanAlex Tan Member Posts: 141
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    Hi David,

    (Thinking in a technical point of view) if you believe that there could be data corruption in your file please do a data validate on your file to see if that fixes it.

    File / File Operations / Validate -> choose your file to Validate it

    Test the report again.

  • Dan FardonDan Fardon Member Posts: 44
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    Hi David,

    I never enter investment transactions directly in the investment account register.

    Instead, I open the Investment Account Register, then click, "Enter Transactions", and use the drop-down menu to select the type of transaction and insert the transaction details in the form. Then open the cash account register and if relevant the tax imputation register, and check that the transaction details are correct in those registers.

    At tax time, I key the transactions into an Excel Worksheet, which checks the dividend imputation etc, and assigns the share of the dividend and imputation to my wife and myself according to the type of share holding we have.

    We are long-term investors, and gradually grow our portfolio and rarely sell shares, so little work is involved. Importantly, the results are largely self-checking, even warning me if I have omitted a dividend.

    Dan Fardon

  • David ThompsonDavid Thompson Member Posts: 6
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    Thanks guys for your suggestions.  Tried the validate, found errors but not these ones.  Always learning.
    Hey Dan - rather than re-enter your share dividends etc, just use the the report and paste into excel. Saves all the data entry again.

  • Dan FardonDan Fardon Member Posts: 44
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    Hi David,

    I use copy & paste to export all other Reckon Reports into Excel, as seen in several of my posts in this Forum, but not for Investment Reports, because Reckon's Reports contain lots of lines I would have to delete and reorganize.

    Thanks for the suggestion though. Actually, I did used to export Money 95's Investment Reports, and still think that Reckon could learn much from the Money 95's appearance and user-friendliness. It had a nice feel. It was a sad day when Microsoft scrapped Money 95 and the Works Suite.

    Best wishes,


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