Does anyone use the aba file to pay invoices but not have the bank linked to reckon 2013?

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I am wanting to set up the online banking part of reckon accounts premier 2013 to pay invoices using an ABA file.

For numerous reasons, we will not be linking the bank account directly through reckon.

When I set up the payments, to pay through bank online, the payments go through and an ABA file is created, however, when I look at the payment in the supplier section, the payment says "to send"

Is there a step missing at the end of creating the ABA file to inform Reckon the payment has successfully been uploaded and paid through the bank or can this only be done when the bank is linked directly through reckon?


  • DebonAirDebonAir Member Posts: 408
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    No, this is correct. Any cheque created in RA with online banking will always show 'to send' as the cheque number.
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    So how do you track the payment if you can't give it a unique reference?
  • DebonAirDebonAir Member Posts: 408
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    You cannot enter a number on this kind of payment. If you are not actually using the ABA export file, then maybe you might like to use the usual cheque payment and add in your own ID number when the payments list. I do this when paying by paypal or Bpay and I enter these as the details. 

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