Displaying P.O. Number as a column in the customer centre

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Can this be done?  Almost EVERY other item on the invoice/estimate is available as a column except this one.  I have a customer who likes to request estimates for jobs well in advance and I've ended up with about thirty estimates for them... when it comes time for them to book one of their jobs, I have to go back and open each estimate to figure out which one to turn into an invoice, wasting LOTS of time.



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    Go to reports>purchases>open purchase orders, you should be able to set up a memorised report for this customer and modify the report by adding the purchase order # and whatever else. It will get you to the right one a lot quicker
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    Hi Charles, thanks for the idea... not quite as easy as having the column but sounds a lot easier than opening each one!!

    Only problem is I don't have a "Purchases" category under "Reports"

    And I can't find "Open Purchase Orders" anywhere in reports..

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    Are you talking about "Sales Orders?"  If so, I don't use Sales Orders...

    When I say PO Number, I'm referring to the PO number that's entered on the invoice or estimate in the top right, near the terms and due date.  I usually enter the address of the job in there when doing an estimate.
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    UPDATE #2

    I've managed to get pretty much the same thing using the "Transaction List By Customer" report, limiting it to the one customer, and removing all the columns but the Type/Date/Num/PO/Amount columns.

    I'd still like to get the PO number as a column in the customer centre, but this will help a lot in the short term :)

    Thanks very much
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