When we try to renew our license we are getting a Script Error message

Patrick GairoPatrick Gairo Member Posts: 1
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We renew our license online but when we try to activate the new license with the product keys provided we are getting Script error message on the application. The Reckon Accounts application is installed on a Windows 7 OS and the internet browser is Internet Explorer just for your information and the Windows firewall is disable for now.


  • Andrew ChristieAndrew Christie Member Posts: 160
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    Hi Patrick
    Yep I received same thing - always happens each year. I just continue running the script. All should be fine

  • John GJohn G Reckon Staff Posts: 2,283 ✭✭
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    Hi Patrick & Andrew,

    Script errors at activation usually occur when your version of Internet Explorer is not the optimum version for your version of Reckon Accounts.    Search "script errors" on the KnowledgeBase for various articles on this issue and appropriate IE versions for older RA's.

    Lowering security levels on your IE may avoid the issue.

    In IEv10 and later, turn off "Protection Mode" for activation.


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