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Can anyone tell me how to make the trial version of Reckon Accounts Personal Plus 2018 work properly

JohnJohn Member Posts: 2
edited September 2019 in Accounts Personal Range
Can anyone tell me how to make the trial version of Reckon Accounts Personal Plus 2018 work properly. It is supposed to run for 90 days but keeps shutting down and wants to be registered again. I need a replacement for my old Quicken 2006, but it appears this software is just rubbish.  I don't want to pay $210 if this is going to happen every week, and the product is not fit for purpose. There is no contact for Reckon and support (in India I guess) is useless. Not sitting on phone waiting for an hour.  Today, after reinstalling, and starting the trial again last night, it is telling me it only has less than 30 days to do.  What happened to the 90 days??  Reckon people, my id is 1139518, call me and give me a credible explanation to this nonsense.


  • gazza73gazza73 Accredited Partner Posts: 1,438 ✭✭
    edited December 2017
    John - here's a summary of all the support numbers to assist you.


    and some documentation:


  • Robyn Kelly (Partner)Robyn Kelly (Partner) Accredited Partner Posts: 534
    edited September 2019

    John, did you purchase an upgrade - or have you only ever purchased the 2006 version?  If Reckon have not yet responded you can email me direct so I can get a further understanding of your situation at [email protected]

    Regards, Robyn Kelly

  • JohnJohn Member Posts: 2
    edited December 2017
    This problem has now been solved.  Reckon has advised me that trials are now only 30 days, and that the information on the website will be changed to reflect that.  They have given me a new key to enable me to trial the software for 90 days.  Thank you Gary and Robyn for your kind assistance with this.
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