wages expense not appearing on Budget vs actual report (accounts plus 2017)

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The amount paid in wages for the month in question shows up in the 'Budget' column,
but shows 0.00 in the 'Actual' column under wages.
instead, the amount at 'payroll expenses-other' contains the wages expense amount. 


  • Robert SmeallieRobert Smeallie Member Posts: 84
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    Check your payroll settings for the employee that their pay is taken from the Wages and Salaries Expense item in the Chart of Accounts rather than the Payroll Expenses-Other which is for paying of Meal Allowance, Car Allowance or Tool Allowance.

    Robert Smeallie
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    Check your payroll items - all or some of them are pointing to the Payroll Expenses header account - just edit the offending items and the transactions will fix themselves... to easily see how the payroll items are setup - right click on the header row at the top of the payroll item list and choose customise columns - select the Expense Account field - now you can see where all your items are pointing to.
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    I have got to that point now, thank you kindly.
    Once in the 'Edit payroll item' section how do i fill out the options 'calculate based on quantity', 'default rate and limit' and 'inclusions' for standard payroll items (Hourly pay, holiday hourly, personal hourly and public holiday hourly) ?
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