Super info not appearing on new employees payslip

suziesuzie Member Posts: 3
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I added a new employee and added the super info in by double clicking the employee and entering the super info in the Payroll tab and compensation tab then clicikng on the super tab.
The super amount appears on the paycheque screen but when i print the paylsip it does not appear or on the super report.


  • NicoleNicole Member Posts: 1
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    I had this same issue.  I found that in my case it was to do with the threshold amount I had entered in relation to super (for our employee, $450).  Each month, until our employee earned over $450 the super would not appear in the payslip, even though I could see it in the paycheque screen.  Once the threshold amount was reached, the super calculated on the previous pays for the current month (and not shown on the previous payslips) then accumulated on the current payslip.

    I hope this helps, or at least gives you an avenue to explore.
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