Leave not accruing on returned employee

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We have an employee who was terminated, and has returned. He was just reinstated using the old details, but now leave doesn't accrue. 


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    Hi Wendy,

    Please open the employee's record > Change tabs > Payroll and Compensation Info > Leave Details > Maximum number of hours > ensure that this field doesn't have a "0" in it and it's left blank

    Also check the 'Begin accruing time on' date.

    I hope this helps.

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    This is all fine. I think the trouble is that the employee was actually terminated, although he returned and we have been able to pay him. I don't want to have to set him up again.  If I have to is there any way to copy the details to a "new employee"?  Alternatively is there some way to "un terminate?"
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    Hi Wendy

    In the Employee List, click on the applicable employee (Change View to "Released ..." or "All ..." if made inactive)

    Right-click & select "Hire Employee" in popup menu - This will display the Hire/Rehire wizard window section of the Employee Organiser.
    Click on the "Edit ...." option, then update each window > Next until you get to here:

    This pre-populates the new (Re)Hire Date.

    By selecting Yes in the Rehire dropdown, this adds the Original Hire Date from the employee's record (& an "Adjusted Service Date" for entitlements, if required)

    Click "Next" or "Finish" & "Close" as required.

    Now when you go into the "Employment Info" tab for this employee, you'll see an "Original Hire Date" greyed out PLUS the new, editable Re-hire Date:



    (NB: Ignore the fact that the dates in these 2 snips don't correlate ...... I used my current file to show the first one & "Rehired" an employee within a different, sample File to show the result!  Obviously, you would be using one employee for the complete process so the dates shown in the "Employment Info" tab here would reflect the dates as entered in the Rehire process) 

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