can one store the Reckon accounts database on a onedrive folder

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I have it in mind to store our Reckon database on a OneDrive folder so that our treasurer can access Reckon from his office or from home on two different machines. Is that possible?




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    Nope. The problem you have is you need the database server manager to be able to get access to the virtual drive. Cant be done. Thanks for asking. Oh and why arent you using hosted? Or teamviewer? Its a lot easier
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    Ye gods!  That was quick.  Thanks.  Hosted? No idea - set up before my time but TeamViewer - not specifically that as - being a not-for profit we can't afford it.  But we are using Remote Utilities and that is such an obvious answer.  Embarrassed not to have thought of it myself. :)

    Thanks a lot.

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    As for a Not For Profit / Clubs etc, take a look at reckon one, from $5 a month $8 with Invoices. Not sure to many not for profits need anything else. Changing Treasuers is simple.
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    Thanks for that - I will pass on to our treasurer
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    My simcere pleasure. Call me if you get stuck 0407744914
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    I've been using OneDrive for years for both Reckon Accounts Premier and Accounts Personal, so I don't know why people are saying it can't be done. I do this as I have a main desktop PC and a laptop, both syncing with OneDrive, and I use the laptop when travelling.

    The trick I found is to NOT install the database server on the PCs and to make sure that the sync is completed before openning the datafiles on the other PC, and I also ensure that the files are never openned simultaneously on both PCs.

    Very infrequently I get some trouble when wanting to save a Portable backup (to send to my accountant), with OneDrive and RA getting confused when closing and reopening the Premier datafile. I get around this by temporarily copying it to my PC, creatring the Portable file and then deleting the temp local copy. This used to work OK but at some stage something changed with either or both OneDrive and RA, and it intermittantly has a problem.

    In your case I think this could be managed and you could effectively use OneDrive for your needs.
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    Hi Jeff

    The technical side of things is definitely not my forte lol

    I recently decided to try One Drive as a means of backing up all my PC files & folders but found it only backs up files under it's "Documents" folder so ..... I moved my main files so they'd get included & am now currently unable to issue my invoices as I can't email/print/save to PDF any customised invoices!  :(
    It's looking like moving the files has somehow dropped out just my customised invoice templates as if I select a Reckon default one, all methods works fine.  Similarly, reports are fine & so are all other templates/forms!?

    The "Personal Vault" seems a bit problematic with it's lock/unlock requirement regularly resulting in syncing errors ?

    I had been thinking I should just abandon OneDrive completely as it's not a feasible option/more trouble than it's worth but your comment has made me reconsider.

    Have you got it configured to backup your RA Premier Program & associated Files?
    Do you use the "Personal Vault"? 

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    Hi Shaz, I can't explain why your customised templates weren't availablle. Mine are, but I can't recall if there was a fiddle needed when I made the move to OneDrive (many many years ago). There is an Export and Import function for Templates - might be worth trying that.

    I've never used the Personal Vault. Indeed I'm using OneDrive for Business, which doesn't have this. I have Personal OneDrive but don't store the RA datafiles there.

    I don't really think of OneDrive as a "backup" solution, which is one thing it does. It is where ALL of my files reside. They automatically sync to the cloud and are then also available on other PCs I use and my phone. It is best to think of it I think as a storage solution.

    OneDrive also keeps previous versions of files, so you can use it to restore files too if needed.
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