hi people i have 2013 pro

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hi people i have 2013 pro is it possible to import an edited excel sheet back into quickbooks, what i need to do is overwrite badly spelt customers.


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    No you cannot. The names cannot be updated by a simple import. Its a good question though.
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    Was the Excel Spreadsheet created from the 2013 Quickbooks Pro in the first instance so that the columns in the spreadsheet line up with the fields in an exported company file from QuickBooks? Also is the Excel version the same as the one that had the exported file opened in it? Modern versions of Excel made changes to file format of the spreadsheet file. You can though save the edited excel spreadsheet file as a previous version to maintain compatibility with.QuickBooks Pro 2013

    If you have spelling mistakes in the customers names were they in the Quickbooks Pro from which the spreadsheet was generated, or are they incorrect in the spreadsheet and correct in the Quickbooks company file?

    If they are incorrect in the spreadsheet then to ensure compatibility with the Quicken company file change them to match, then once they are imported into Quicken QuickBooks Pro correct the spelling in there. If you change the spelling in Quickbooks to Match the spreadsheet spelling then it may not recognise it as an exported file being re-imported after information was added. 

    Check those things and see if it solves the problem.

    Robert Smeallie
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