POS not finding USB Ports for pinters and scanner

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I am running Quicken POS and yesterday I received an error that the printer was allocated to Port 9 but port 9 was not available and would I like to change the port.

When looking at the POS options no ports are available to connect to.

The ports are still working on my computer as I have tested other devices in them.

How can I get POS to re-find the ports?


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    Hi there,

    Thank you for your post. I hope below steps may help you with your problem.

    Please do the following:
    1. Un-plug your receipt printer and Restart your computer
    2. Plug your receipt printer back in but to a different USB Port
    3. Go to Start > right click on Computer > Manage > Device Manager
    4.  Expand Ports > see if there's any entry for USB Serial Port and what Port number is next to that (in brackets example: (COM3)) and note that down
    5. Open up POS Terminal > Tools > Options > Receipt Printers > select your printer and select the port number from Step 4.
    2 things to consider:
    • If port number is above 9, POS can't see them. Go back to the USB serial Port in Device Manager> right click and select Properties > Port Settings > Advanced > click on the drop down next to COM Port Number and select any free ones below 9 (check POS Terminal as well to see which ports can that see and select one of those).
    • If a port is selected and POS can't see if, may be restart PC again and plugin receipt printer to different USB port and try again. You may have to take over other port (if in use, just select it but do with care as it will/may interfere with that device). 
    You may want to consult with an IT Pro if you aren't confident in doing so.