Reckon Accounts, Windows 8.0 & 8.1, IE10&11

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As Windows 8.1 and Internet Explorer v11 were released after the current versions of Reckon Accounts Business, Personal and Hosted were released, our products have not been tested with these new systems.  Later releases will be fully tested and compatible.  

Here are a few tips on some configuration changes to make to ensure your product runs smoothly on the latest operating systems.
  • Program Icon – turn on Run As Administrator:  Properties > Compatibility.  Older versions may need to run in compatibility mode for XP sp2 as well.
  • Internet Explorer – add Reckon websites to Compatibility View Settings  
  • PDF converter – assign it to its unique port.
  • Online Activation requires enhanced Protection Mode to be turned off
  • Reckon Accounts Hosted should update to the latest Citrix Receiver which is compatible with Windows 8.1
Here are the details.

Installing for the first time on Windows 8.1
Not all required features to install Accounts Business are turned on by default in Windows 8.1.  
  1. Turn on .Net Framework 3.5 – Programs & Features > Turn Windows features on or off > tick Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.1.
  2. Ensure all sub-folders are ticked.
If Windows 8 fails to turn on .NET Framework, then during the installation you’ll get a message that Windows will go to the internet to download and install the service.  

If Windows fails to connect to the internet (despite your connection being good), refer to  for further directions.  

You may find that Accounts Business is denied access to Network drives.  This is a security measure by Windows 8.  See for full steps to allow access to network drives (you may want to consult your IT professional first as it requires changes to your registry).

Run As Administrator
Right click your icon > Properties > Compatibility, and in the Privilege Level box, tick Run this program as an administrator

Set the PDF Converter to a separate printer port.  
See for full details.

This article refers to the QuickBooks V404 PDF Converter.  Older versions of QuickBooks will see other titles.  Accounts Personal/Quicken users will have a Reckon or Quicken PDF Printer

Add Reckon to Compatibility View Settings
In Internet Explorer > Tools > Compatibility View Settings, add the following websites:
Activate online
  1. In Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options > Security > Internet icon;
  2. In Security level for this zone, untick the box Enable Protected Mode; 
  3. Restart Internet Explorer;
  4. Activate;
  5. Turn on Enhanced Protection Mode .


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