Switching from Server to a FreeNAS file storage system

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Looking at possibilty of changing from server (server 2003) to simpler file server running freeNAS


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    Hi Peter,

    Welcome to the Reckon Community and thank you for your question.

    Reckon Accounts is not supported on non-Windows operating systems.  Neither QuickBooks Database Server Manager nor the QuickBooks/Reckon Accounts application will install on NAS.  Consequently the company file cannot be shared from it.  However, users can utilize the Alternate Setup facility to share company files from a local computer. 

    What is Alternate Setup?

    In Alternate Setup, the host PC activates the Database Server Manager and accesses the company file from the NAS device.  Other PCs in the network access the host PC for the DBSM to retrieve the file from the file server. 

    Configuring alternate multi-user setup

    1.  Install Reckon Accounts on the computers of all users who will be working in the company file.

    2.  Decide which computer should host multi-user access to the company file on the NAS device and then open Reckon Accounts on that computer.

    3.  From the computer selected in step 2, open the company file in multi-user mode:

    • File > Open or Restore Company > select Open a Company File and click the Next button.
    • Navigate to the server folder where your company file is stored and select the company file.

    • In the lower left corner of the Open a Company window, select the Open file in multi-user mode checkbox, and then click the Open button.

    4.  When prompted to set up multiuser access to the company file, click Alternate Setup.

    Important Note:

    In alternate setup, to provide other Reckon Accounts users with continuous access to the company file:

    ·         the computer that is hosting multi-user access to the company file must be left on, and

    ·         the user who enabled multi-user access must remain logged in to Windows.

    The Reckon Accounts program can be closed.

    After you turn on hosting, all company files on this computer and company files that you open on other computers on the network can be opened in multi-user mode provided all QuickBooks users have valid user names and passwords.

    We hope the above helps you. You may want to read the electronic User Guide that came with the Reckon Accounts DVD as a PDF file for further instructions on above.

    To view that, insert the DVD in and go to Computer > right click on the DVD and select Explore > open RA2013 User Guide.pdf. There's also Installation and Upgrade Guide that comes with the DVD, please do read that as well as that has many important info before you install or upgrade any previous edition.