How do I map a barcode to the barcode field when importing items from an excel file?

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G'Day, We are trying to import about 4,500 items (first batch) into Accounts from excel. All is going really well apart from one major issue. 

Regarding the data mapping between Accounts and the excel spreadsheet.

The "Barcode" field in the Data Mapping on the quickbooks/accounts side is hardset  (and cannot be changed from what I can work out) to "Product Barcode" it should be just "Barcode". If you open up the Mappings popup box in the import a file function in Items, towards the bottom of the list of mappings you will see "Product Barcode" on the QuickBooks side, this should be "Barcode"

"Product Barcode" is a custom field in accounts.

"Barcode" is a normal field in accounts.

When we run an import data goes into the "Product Barcode" field and not into the Barcode field. We can change the from field from whatever we want on the excel side of things but the Accounts side is not changeable, from what we can see.

Is this a bug in Accounts Data Mapping function?

Is there a way to do a bulk change after importing the data into Accounts to move data from the custom "Product Barcode" field to the "Barcode" field.

We REALLY don't want to do this but will POS read the custom "Product Barcode" field instead of the "Barcode" field when scanning products. Is there something that needs to change on POS to make this happen?




  • Zoe Rickard
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    Hi Justin, 

    Perhaps you could try creating an item manually in Reckon Accounts, export the item to IIF. You can then open the IIF file in excel, and use it as a template for importing the other 4500 items you have.

    This will avoid using the Data Mapping function, as you can import the IIF file once you save it with your new items. 

    Kind Regards, 

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  • Justin
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    Hi Zoe,
    Thanks for your reply.
    I have not had the chance to put an update up yet.
    But what you have described is the exact solution we ended up using to import the 1st batch of products.
    And it is continuing to be a successful method for all subsequent imports.
    It however is a bit of a disappointment to see bug like this in Reckon Accounts though. And when I spoke with support they were not really interested in raising a change request!
    Thanks for your help
    Kind Regards
  • Jason Hollis
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    Justin I believe the barcode field in the ITEM table was added by the team at Reckon, and was not in the Intuit product (hence why it's not in the excel import functionality). So it's not really a bug, just something that wasn't in the US product to begin with. Still frustrating though, but at least the field is there to use in the item list.

    Zoe is correct, the IIF import will give you a lot more flexibility on data field imports (other than importing inventory total values).