How do I record income from a credit card surcharge not included on the invoice

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Income from credit card surcharge


  • Deny Dharmawan
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    Hi Jo,

    You can use General Journal to record the income from credit card surcharge.

    • From the Company menu, select Make General Journal Entries...
    • Under the Account field, select an Income account used for tracking your credit card surchage (e.g.Surcharge Earned)
    • Enter the amount of surcharge earned (excluding the tax amount) in the Credit field, followed by the tax item in the Tax Item field. If there is no tax, you can select FRE.
    • Tab to the following line, in the Account field enter your Bank account. The Debit field will automatically enter the amount entered into the credit field plus the tax amount
    • Click Save & Close to record the Journal Entry


    Deny Dharmawan

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    Hi Deny, if the customer wanted to know the total amount of surcharge processed for the year via your solution - how would you report on it?