How can I automate the category on transactions downloaded from my bank statement?

Jodie King
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I download all transactions from my bank in QIF format and import into ReckonAccounts Home and Business 2013.

I have renaming rules set up which assigns a payee only.

I want to also assign a category in the renaming rules.

I thought maybe I needed to have the Memorized Payee List set up also to pick up the category on the basis of the payee I assigned in the renaming rules but that didn't work.

Help! It would be perfect if in the renaming rules you could assign the category there but it's not an option.

Thanks in advance.



  • Hoang
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    Hi Jodie,

    Welcome to the Reckon Community.

    Sorry unfortunately it's not possible to assign a category to the payees in the renaming rules. 

    However, I have submit a feedback to our software developer by going to Help > Submit Feedback to Reckon Accounts.

  • Siva_7252308
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    Is this included in the Personal plus 2015. Its so inefficient to manually assign the category those umpteen number of records being imported.