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Chee-Wee Seow
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I am using timesheet in RA 2013. In invoicing customers, I like the invoice to use the DESCRIPTION prescribed in the items list and not from the NOTE column in the Timesheet. How do you customise the invoice to show this?


  • John G
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    Hi Chee-Wee Seow,

    Welcome to the Reckon Community.

    Unfortunately you can't alter what is posted to the invoice from a Timesheet.  You will need to enter in the Notes what you want to appear on the invoice.

    It is a good suggestion though, so I will pass up the idea to select either Timesheet note or use the Description in the item setup.  

    You can pass up suggestions at any time through Accounts business and the Help option where you'll find Suggest New Features.

  • Joanne_7367240
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    Can anyone recommend a good web based project management timesheeting system that will integrate with Quickbooks?

  • cosmic
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    yes, we have it, i have already posted comments on out TSapp ,we have great feature on Notes, where you are able to write up to 400 words, create notes, save notes, modify notes ,and recall notes, and all these gets posted RA without opening RA .
    Ability to have 12 or more users using this app with having 3- 5 user licence of RA
    You can invoice by particular item, or by a selected employee, you can link notes to items, and you are able to see or display name of emplyee who did the job in the tax invoice.
    All incvoice is done thru our App without opening RA, ability to edit, change , modify invoice from our app once posted. there is a lot features , if you wish to discuss please call us on 02 95411338, or 0407068942 or write  by email

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