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Jeff Mckeon
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Hi I have uninstalled the pos lite as per the book and trying to reinstall pos pro but it sits there saying .net 4.0 network and wont do anything how can i get it to load please


  • Babi
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    Hello Jeff,

    Thank you for your query.You may need to do a clean uninstall of POS to avoid any issues with previous POS installations.

    Below are the instructions to perform  clean uninstall manually:

    1.    Uninstall using Windows Programs and Features.  If POS remains in the list, use a 3rd Party uninstaller.

    2.    Delete the installation folder for POS:

           a.    Before deleting, ensure you have saved the QBPOS.PDB, its backup, Screen Layout backups and any End of Day files in another location;

           b.    The default installation directory is C:\Reckon\Retail Point of Sale Professional 20xx-xx edition and C:\Reckon\Retail Point of Sale Professional 20xx-xx Terminal; where:

                       i.    xx-xx refers to the year version; and

                       ii.    edition refers to either Lite, Professional or Enterprise

    3.    Delete the POS registry keys (please ensure you have consulted an IT as changing registry key may have large impact on your computer and may cause it to not function properly if not done properly.

            a.    Create a Restore Point ( link below will guide how to create restore point)



            b.    Open the registry by Run > regedit >enter (XP: Run > regedt32 > enter) 

            c.    Open HKey Local Machine > Software > Reckon

                          i.    Delete QuickBooks Point of Sale

                          ii.    Delete QuickBooks Point of Sale Administrator

            d.    Open HKey Current User > Software > VB and VBA Program Settings

                           i.    Delete POSMessagingSystem

                           ii.    Delete Quickbooks Point of Sale

                           iii.    Delete QuickBooks Point of Sale Administrator

                           iv.    Delete QuickPOS


    Also, you may need to use 3rd party uninstaller like Revo to ensure all the traces of the program has been removed from the system. Please click the link below to download Revo.



    If the problem persists, then you could download dot net4.0 separately from the Microsoft website and run the program in a selective mode and test again.

    Please let me know, if this helped to resolve your query or should you require further help. For the issues as such, where needs more troubleshooting, we advise you to contact on our technical support line 1300 137 657 .


    Thank you,








  • Jeff Mckeon
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    Thank you I now have it installed and working. Thank you again Jeff
  • Jeff Mckeon
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    I had more troubles and it seems I did a update through windows and it loaded .net 4.5.1 and you need to unload this or it won't load the .net4.0 from the disk
  • Mirko
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    Hey Jeff,

    POS should still work with .net 4.5.1 as it is a later version, and includes .net 4.0. Since updating are you experiencing the same error?