How do I remove someone from, the loyalty program

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How do I remove someone from, the loyalty program and also change a surname after marriage


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    Hello Robert,

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    To remove a customer from the Loyalty program just follow these easy steps:

    1. Go to the Lists menu, click Customer and then click Show List.

    2. Select from the list the customer you want to remove from the program.

    3. Click Loyalty.

    4. Clear the Loyalty Member check box.

    NOTE: you may also go to the "Help Index" section of the program to find some How To's answer saving you time as well.

    To change surname after marriage:

    1. Go to Reckon Accounts Program - and open the customer centre

    2. Right click the name of the customer you wish to change the surname to, then click Edit customer.

    3. Change the last name to their marriage name.

    (If you have more than one customer to edit - change them all one by one)

    4. Once done - go to Point of Sale Admin - then click transfer - then just click "customer list: to transfer the changes you have done from the customer records to Point of Sale.

    If there is anything else that we can help you with feel free to call us: 1300 137 657 or contact us again via Reckon Community.

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