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It would be great if Reckon accounts online banking feature could handle bpay payments.
For a smaller business who pays this way for utilities etc, it would make our payment system more streamline.


  • Mirko
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    Hey Vicky,

    Thank you for your comment and welcome to the Reckon Community. It would be a very handy option. Internet Banking features from most banks only support payments via ABA import for funds transfers and require BPAYs to be entered manually.

    I have put my troubleshooting hat on to think of a few different methods your could take to take as much leg work as possible from this scenario below.

    Do many of your suppliers which you pay via BPAY offer direct credit facilities? If they do, you could use the Accounts Business Online Banking feature to create an ABA file and in one step, upload a number of payments to your bank .

    Alternatively, from my understand most banks do offer a pay multiple BPAY option within their Internet Banking facilities. This coupled with Reckon Bank Data feeds (available for Reckon Accounts 2014 Business Range, Accounts Hosted 2014 and Reckon One from 11/04/2014), could streamline your bill payment and recording process?

    Let me know how you go!

  • Sally McIntosh, Accredited Consultant
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    Hi Vicky,

    As Mirko sort of pointed out, this is actually a restraint from the bank's end, not Reckon.

    So perhaps speak to your bank to get this as a feature request!

    Kind regards, Sally

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    Hello, hi,we have solution,  a in house direct debit solution, that is you can receive from your customers in one bulk process funds coming from all your customers bank a/c, just in one go, this requires your customers giving you a direct debit authority. if you have gym or child care business, or where there is subscription required. we are also , in the process of credit card and bpay solution. Our application integrates with Quickbooks premier and QBE. if you need more info please call me on 0407068942, also

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    I know this is an old post, I found it while looking for something else. I agree with Vicki. We have quite a few creditors that are paid by BPay and this payment method is only becoming more common. 

    I am setting up Reckon correctly after the last people who ran this business did a very poor job. I noticed that I can allocate a creditor payment as an "Bank Online' payment however to use this I need to have the bank details entered for that supplier. 

    Where I pay by BPay I don't have direct deposit details as Reckon requires. Even if this is still a manual process, wouldn't a good starting fix be to provide fields in the supplier record for BPay details? and perhaps a selection box of Bank Details or BPay details so that Reckon recognises that banking details have been entered and the preferred method.

    I realise this type of change is a lot more complicated then it sounds, but it would provide a good flow through the system so that payment allocation and reporting on this would provide less headaches for the end user. 

    I know you can add your own fields which I have done in some places where Reckon doesn't have the capability to store information we need in an easy to use format. However these fields then pop up in every file and do not directly link to anything so while I can store BPay information there the system doesn't recognise this as banking information and I am still required to fill in the Bank Details for that supplier, which is not always possible.