Emailing invoices with Thunderbird as mail client. Win7x64. QBPlus 2011-12

Colin Horsley_6790457
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I have checked the registry, and there are 2 entries with Thunderbird as the default mail provider. Also, I keep getting 2 x script errors on these help pages!


  • Deny Dharmawan
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    Hi Colin,

    Quickbooks and Reckon Accounts are made to use MS Outlook to email forms. You can use link below to try to set up your Thunderbird. It may not work as it refers to an older version of Thunderbird, but this is the only article that we have.


    Deny Dharmawan

  • Suzanne Osborne
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    We found the solution below worked for us, it was mentioned in another thread using the fix for Windows Live Mail.  We substituted Mozilla Thunderbird and it works a treat (after much hair pulling-out). Putting it here as the subject specifically mentions Thunderbird.  Hope it helps someone else.

    1.    From the Windows Control Panel > Select View By Category View > Programs > Default Programs > Set your default programs;

    2.    Select Mozilla Thunderbird in the Programs table;

    3.    Click on Set this program as default and click OK;

    4.    From the Start menu type regedit in the Start search field;

    5.    Click regedit.exe in the Programs list
    Create a backup of your Registry by File > Export > Export Range > All;

    6. Locate HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Clients > Mail (The data field will now be called Mozilla Thunderbird);

    7. Now locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software > Clients > Mail. The data file does not automatically update, so you will be required to manually modify it;

    Double click on the (Default) string to edit it and replace the text with Mozilla Thunderbird

  • Colin Horsley_7135173
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    Thanks Suzanne for that. No 7 was the one I needed. I'm getting closer to it working as before!  The file that is attached in Mozilla is now called "moz_mapi-1".  Do I have to edit that manually?  Also, as you can see, there is no .pdf extension to the attachment.  Cheers  Colin

  • Suzanne Ausburn
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    Yes, we noticed the moz_mapi-1
    We did a test email to ourselves, and the pdf extension is there.
  • Suzanne Ausburn
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    Have just sent out our first statements and found they have to be sent one at a time, when trying to do multiple emails, only the first one has the pdf attachment. This is using Thunderbird and gmail address, Windows 8.1 - 64bit