How To Ask Good Questions To Get Good Answers (The smart way vs some other way)

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You may be wondering,

"How can I ask a question so that it increases the chance that someone will take the time to even read my question, let alone provide a useful answer?"

Or maybe you've wondered, "Why does no one answer my questions? It's been up there for like 5 minutes and still no answer!!"

Well I'm glad you asked!  :)

Now let's take a look once more over your question and see if you've asked it in way that gives the person looking at it, enough information to actually give you useful answer.

Everyone's busy these days and the more you can help them, to help you, then all the better for everyone.

At the very least, provide enough basic information such as:

- a short description of the problem you have encountered

- mentioning which product and version of the software you are using

- the exact error messages that are displayed

If you really are serious about getting an answer, throw in something like:

- what it is that you are trying to do with as much details as
necessary to allow someone to do exactly the same thing to see if they too encounter the same situation

- what you may have already attempted to resolve the problem prior to asking for help

Some things to consider:

A little courtesy goes a long way.
We're all here to help each other so keeping things civil makes good sense.
There's no point expressing your frustration or playing the blame game as that won't help with a solution.

Try searching the Community and find previously asked questions, as someone else may have encountered the same problem that you have and they may have been provided with a solution.

Don't expect a magical one click fix as usually there is no such thing.

It is more likely that the people who've taken time out of their busy day to help out would ask you to try a few things, back and forth, so be prepared for this process to continue for a while until together we figure out a solution.

Have a nice day,



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    Thanks for your input Inigo.

    You raise some good points. It certainly is beneficial to share with the community as much information regarding a question as possible. With regard to troubleshooting the devil, really is in the detail.

    Pictures/Screenshots too are a great assistance when seeking out help - especially with error messages (techies feed off these error messages!) The more information provided, the easier it will be too suggest solutions!

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    Hi all,

    This community is an awesome place for help (wish it had been around 14 odd years ago when I was first learning QuickBooks, lol) 

    As this community is now available for people/users 'both sides of the ditch', I am wondering if there was a simple way of adding/seeing which country the person posting the question/suggestion is based. 

    Assuming that where they are based will help indicate which version they are using, because some answers work for the Aussie version and some for the Kiwi one... without having to have everyone type it in.



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    Good for all community posters to read.