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In Reckon Personal Plus 2013,

  1. When  I save a report, with the same name as an existing report,  I am asked if I wish to replace the previous report. When I say yes, I end up with 2 reports.If I then
    delete one of the duplicate reports I lose BOTH reports and have to recreate
    the report again.
  2. When I "expand all"  in an Itemised Categories Report, then save, the "Expand All status" is often lost. How can I save the report as always expanded?

Any assistance is appreciated




  • ShisirShisir Reckon Staff Posts: 257
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    Hi Ian

    Thank you for asking Reckon Community.

    The report does let you save with the same name, only if you save it on different folder. However it is the same report (just displayed in differenr location). Hence it deletes from all the folder whden you delete it.

    With your Query, I understand, you have saved the report with the same name on same folder. Which I believe, system will not allow, yet, somehow If it did in your case, than only explanation will be the corruption on the data file. please try below steps:

    1. copy the file to different location, using file openration -> copy tool and use the new file.
    2. see if that helps.
    3. If the issue persists try validate the file using file operations again.

    For your secod Query,

    I believe it is related to first issue as the corruptions. So the copy and/or Validate data function should fix the issue.

    Please let me know how you go.



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    Hi Shisir,
    Thank you for your response.
    1. If the saved file with the same name has to be saved to a different folder why then does the program ask if I wish it to replace the previous report, and when I say yes it in fact makes a duplicate? Copy file and validate made no difference.
    2. Similarly Copy file and Validate did not alter the fact that a report saved with "Expand All' , opens with the 'Collapsed All" status. How do I retain the "Expand All" status?

  • ShisirShisir Reckon Staff Posts: 257
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    Hi Ian
    Thank you for the reply.

    For your first concern, it is the software limitation, and least I can do is to forward it to the product development to look at.

    For your second query, if it is not retaining the ‘Expand all’ status, it is likely that the windows user access control settings or permissions for your user profile may be not enough. Please try the below suggestions.

    Suggestions 1;
    1) Run the Reckon as administrator.
    • a) Right clink on reckon shortcut on the desktop.
    • b) Go to properties
    • c) Go to compatibiliity tab
    • d) Select the option to ‘Run as Administrator’
    • e) Ok and close.
    2) Open the program again and see if It retains the status.

    Suggestions 2:

    Create a new Admin user accounts on your PC and login with that user. See if it works on this profile.

    If the issue persists, please backup your file and reinstall the Program, with administratot previlege.
    Please let me know how this goes.


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