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I know we can set up closing date with password. Is there any plan so that we can set up 2 closing date? One for monthly report, people can still change/delete transactions with password, and the other for financial end, no one can change/delete transactions at all except Administrator.


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    Hey Akiko,

    Welcome to the Reckon Community and thank you for your post.

    The idea of the closing date is to protect data that has already been reported on (E.g.: To Senior Management, Statutory Reports etc).

    This data can be changed with the use of the password. Which should be kept by the one person (i.e.: Accountant), so that he/she can assess the proposed change, and it's impact what has been previously reported.

    If there is a need for people do go back and change Data, the closing date should be set prior to the beginning of the two time periods you mentioned.

    In Accounts Enterprise, there is enhanced functionality for allowing a fine tuned modification to the level of access each user has. This maybe an alternative for your circumstance.

    I thank you though for your idea, and it will be interesting to know how others feel about this matter!

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    So at this stage, you have no plan to have 2 closing dates, one for financial year end and the other for internal closing?

    We use enterprise and we are setting up different level of access to each user (we have around 10 users). But still if we could have 2 level of closing date, like other software has, would save me a huge amount of time. If it is not too difficult to develop, we'd really appreciate to include this feature in the next upgrade.

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